For multinational enquiries, should I contact the GAPS network centrally, or the local GAPS member?

Please contact either your local GAPS member or the GAPS network centrally. Either way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Queries from prospective members should generally be made to the GAPS network contact point who will inform you about eligibility.

What does the GAPS network do?

Companies running retirement plans or other employee benefits in multiple countries face the added challenge of negotiating different frameworks for retirement provision, insurance regulations and actuarial practice.

GAPS members share knowledge and ideas from around the world, ensuring that all members are aware of worldwide trends in benefit provision.

The network also gives the capability to offer cross-border and international retirement and other employee benefit solutions and advice. For the client of a GAPS member, expert international advice is just a phone call away.

Who can join GAPS?

GAPS membership is for independent consultancies within the retirement and employee benefits industry that can benefit from, and contribute to, the activities of the network.

For more information about how to apply for membership, please see membership.

Who runs GAPS?

GAPS is run by a management committee that has been elected by the members. The network is owned and managed by its members.

How do members network?

Members have the opportunity to network at GAPS meetings and at training opportunities or seminars.