GAPS is a global network of experienced experts on retirement plans, savings plans and other employee benefits who collaborate to deliver international projects. The network, currently covering 14 countries plus international plans, offers a full range of actuarial, consulting and pensions administration services, and is represented in most European and North American centres.

GAPS offers a one-stop solution for companies running, or considering the creation of, retirement schemes or saving plans and providing other employee benefits in multiple countries. Members work in partnership to provide clients with the country-specific knowledge and expertise they need to negotiate the different frameworks for benefit provision, insurance regulations and actuarial practice. Solutions can also be offered for internationally mobile employees and others through international benefit plans.

GAPS members are known for their problem solving abilities. Individually, they are highly regarded by their clients and collectively through the GAPS network they can deliver innovative high quality solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

As a GAPS network client, you may either deal directly with resources in relevant countries or your local GAPS network member may coordinate delivery.

GAPS members' locations